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Is Belgium on your Bucket list? Do you want to savor the delicious Belgium chocolates and lip-smacking beers with your loved ones? Or Have an upcoming Business trip and need a Belgium Visa urgently? Our Belgium Visa Services are exactly what you need. We ensure that you obtain your Belgium Schengen Visa with minimal efforts.

We pride in our experienced in-house team, who provides round the clock support. They can answer all your queries regarding the documents required along with the visa application. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable, up to date information regarding your visa for Belgium.

How to get your Belgium Schengen Visa?

  1. Fill the application form online.

  2. We will reserve a Belgium Visa appointment for you in the Embassy.

  3. Take all the essential documents to the Visa Centre.

  4. You will receive your passport via post along with Belgium Visa.
    Voila! That is an effortless way to get your Belgium visa from UK. If you want to apply for a Belgium Business Visa, Belgium Tourist Visa,or Belgium Student Visa, reach out to us via email or call. Our experts will ensure that all your visa requirements are taken care of. You can contact us via call or e-mail us your query. Our team will get back to you at the earliest and help you in obtaining a Belgium Visa Online.

  5. EU Family Members

    Proof of the relationship [Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate (in both copy as well as original)]. The original documents are checked during the interview with the Embassy and returned to the applicant later.

    Copy of Passport or National ID Card of the EU National.

  6. Proof of Status in UK (Original)

    Employees:- A letter from Employer stating applicant’s designation, date of joining & salary rates.

    Students:- letter from educational establishment in UK (British School/College/University) stating applicant’ name, details of the course undertaken, attendance record & holiday dates.

    Independents:- A letter from the accountant specifying applicant’s professional activity, starting date of business or the source of income.

  7. Proof of Sufficient Personal Means of Subsistence

    The Applicant is required to present proof of sufficient means of sustenance to support the entire stay in Belgium (Copy):

    Bank Statements (Latest 3 month from the date of application) including applicant’s name and address.

    Pay Slips (Latest 3 months from the application) or

    Copy of Credit Card with most recent credit card statement or

    Travelers’ cheques for an equivalent of €95 per day of stay.

  8. Proof of Transportation (Copy)

    The applicant is required to present documents indicating the purpose of journey (e.g. Travel itinerary and confirm travel bookings like confirmation of the reservation of an organized trip or any other substantiating document to indicate the travel program envisaged). The documents should bear applicant’s name & correct dates of travel to & from Belgium.

  9. Proof of Accommodation

    The Applicant is required to present documents relating to accommodation ( e.g. In case of stay in hotel, guesthouse etc. – a document from the establishment confirming the accommodation offered or other substantiating document indicating the type of accommodation envisaged) at the Embassy.

    In case, applicant’s stay is sponsored by a resident of Belgium (a friend or a relative), then an original “Attestation Accursed” should be presented, which should cover the entire period of stay in Belgium.

  10. Copy of valid travel health insurance

    The Applicant is required to present original document or a copy of the travel insurance certificate at the Belgium Embassy. The insurance should be-

    Valid for all the Schengen countries

    Cover any emergency medical care expenses or emergency repatriation for medical reasons.

    The insurance should cover the entire period of stay in the Schengen area and have a minimum insurance cover of EUR 30,000.

  11. Documents for Minors (Original).

    Birth Certificate

    Authorization letter signed by both parents

    Copy of both parents’ passports.

    At Belgium Visas, we provide you assistance and support to make your Belgium Visa experience hassle-free & convenient. In case you still have queries related to Belgium Visa requirements, feel free to contact us anytime. You can simply place a request for call back & our experts will get back to you.

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